Chuck Martin – My Birth

I was born at an early age, no teeth, little hair, and wrinkled, and it looks like I’ll be leaving the same way. I’ve discovered there’s truth in that old joke, plus the interim is but a blink of the eye.

I was born in Colorado Springs in 1943. It was about four o’clock in the morning, or so mother told me a long time ago. It was a cold day on December 6th (Colorado is always cold in December). Mother said Memorial hospital was located up near Cheyenne Mountain, and she thinks that is why, as a child, I was always climbing trees. My eyes were dark brown like my dad’s, and my hair was my mothers red color. I was named Charles Edward Martin. I had an uncle, Charles Edward Lake, who thought I was named after him, and never told the truth, as I was named Charles, by father, who just liked the name, and Edward, by mother, my Grandfather Bowman’s’ name. My doctor’s name was E. L. Timmonds. He gave me my first spanking.

My father, Fred Everett Martin was 49 at the time and was working as a Dr Cleaner with the “El Paso Cleaners & Dryers“. My mother, Annebelle Bowman-Martin, was a house wife, 26 years old.They had not lived in Colorado long. My parents moved to Colorado Springs from Topeka, Kansas. My father had lived in Colorado previously, and I imagine the reason for the move. In Kansas my father was working as a floor manager in a department store; my mother a waitress at a hotel restaurant. He ate his lunch there, and that is how they met. My mother was a divorcee with two small children. My brother Bill was 8 and my sister Carol 10. My parents were married and two years before moving to the “Springs” my sister Myra was born. Whenever someone would asks how many siblings I had I would, kidding, state it was strange because I had two sisters, and one brother, however, my sisters had two brothers and one sister.

They took me home swaddled in a blanket and placed me in a crib next to a heater. I know this because my brother always threw it up to me. “I had permission to leave school in the after noon to stoke some coal in the basement furnace so my little brother was kept nice and cozy and warm next to the upstairs heater.” I suppose he had to go back to school.

A couple years ago my wife and I drove by the rented house where I first lay my head. It was a very small, brown house trimmed in white at 280, 28th street, in Colorado City, a suburb of Colorado Springs, and at one time the capital of Colorado. Someone now lived in the house who used a wheel chair. A ramp had been built up to the front door. It seemed strange to see the first house I first lived in, and no recognition of. We didn’t live there long as shortly after we moved to Ft. Collins, Colorado, and I went on to new adventures.

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One Comment on “Chuck Martin – My Birth”

  1. Julia Nordquist Says:

    Sounds like a good beginning, were you ever born again?

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