25 Reasons For Writing About Your Life

25 Reasons to Write About Your Life

1. Writing is fun, it exercises your brain.
2. You can become an explorer in the vast realm or your memory
and experience.
3. You will create a legacy for posterity.
4. It will make your life, past and present, very important to you.
5. Writing keeps you young.
6. You can improve your skills by taking writing courses
7. You follow in the footsteps of immortal people who also took time
to write autobiographies, like Ben Franklin;, Leo Tolstoy, Helen
Hayes, Anne Morrow Lindbergh, Louisa May Alcott, etc.
8. It is an inexpensive hobby, all you need is paper and pen.
9. Writing about oneself requires constant self-evaluation and
updating of opinions and ideas.
10. When you start a new subject, you will always have something
new to do.
11. Life Writing will open doors of memories of old friendships you
may have forgotten.
12. You can enjoy reading autobiographies others have written and
may learn why they wrote, how they wrote, and how they
organized their life stories.
13. Your memory is a gold mine of insights and surprises. You never
know what is hidden there.
14. Life Writing is therapeutic and cheaper than pills or a psychiatrist.
15. Writing keeps you out of trouble.
16. You will never be lonely – you keep company with all the people
you have known.
17. Your Life Writing adventures may be large or small – you are the
18. You can be silly or brilliant – only the wastebasket will see your
19. You will become a constant ‘note’ maker so as not to lose a
chance memory.
20. You can share your enthusiasm and skill with others, inspiring
them to join you.
21. You can still “go to work” each day and set your own schedule.
22. You may develop associated skills like genealogy and illustration.
23. It takes your mind off your ailments and worries.
24. You can become a skilled researcher and the library can become
your home away from home.
25. Writing about your life feels like a worthwhile use of time.

Barbara Lacey

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