Phyllis and Gary Simms – Pa Kept Christmas Simple

With the last minute thought, Pa holler’d over toward me:

“Ol’ Woman, I think it’s time we head up to your trees!

But, we’ll keep it real simple: we’ll go as we are;

You do the packin’ while I go warm up that ol’ car.”

Well, I throw’d in some duds; some grub we could eat;

Grabb’d up some readin material for a happy retreat.

Ol’ Betsy was faithful; she purr’d the whole way;

Soon, we both were lodging for two wonderful days.

The first diner we plann’d would be a humdinger treat;

We’d drive up to Kelly’s ‘n’ eat us some barbecued meat.

The trip appear’d easy; the traffic was light;

Then, like a flash, snow fill’d us with fright.

It was there on that spot we turn’d our jalopy around;

The raindrops seem’d more invitin’ in ol’Sonora Town.

We found Wilma’s Cafe open ‘n’ warmly beckonin’ us in;

The scene on her wall told us we’d enter’d pig heaven.

The whole wall was paint’d with pigs flyin’ round;

‘N’ on all the rest, miniature pigs could be found.

We stuff’d our craws full of chicken and trimmin’s;

Then polish’d it off with an ice cream dish brimmiin’.

The next day we stroll’d down Columbia’s streets;

A chicken house there sent loud “crowing” entreats,

Now, as youcan see from our picture this year;

Ol’ Pa made it simple in the choice of his gear.

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