Alma Shisler – Undecided

Remember the Roaring 20’s? Country dance halls, the Charleston, bobbed hair, bathtub gin and the popular phrase “Oh, you kid! If you do, you will remember how important it was to have a tall, dark, handsome, charming beau to dance with. I was the envy of all my girl friends, as Tom was such a charmer and good dancer. He knew all the right moves to make a girl feel and look good. He had the approval of my father and that was pretty special as my dad had certain guidelines the guys to had to meet. He also had a bright shiny car all of his own and this was another plus. We danced many a night away through the dawn.

He did have one annoying habit of excusing himself periodically. He would be gone a short while but when he returned, all went well. The last time it happened, his best friend, Jim, asked me to dance and calmly announced “Tom will be detained for a while.”
“What do you mean, detained?” I said. Jim replied, “The sheriff has confiscated Tom’s car and all the distilled spirits they found in it.
Since the county sheriff, who was my grandfather, had announced he had a vendetta to catch every bootlegger in his jurisdiction, I was and still am, undecided about whether Tom was dating me as a witty, charming dancing partner or as a protection from the LAW.

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