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On-Line Publishing

April 28, 2008

Recently I was made aware of two on-line publishing sites, which were recommended by my niece and husband.  They have printed a book of their photos taken on a tour of Italy with their children.  Really a beautiful legacy.  He has also published a book of poetry, complete with  LOC number and copywrite info.  They used Blurb and Lulu Websites which provide templates to organize and format your input, providing a finished product from which you can order copies.  Prices vary according to dimnsions of the book, number of pages and binding.

I am currently experiementing with Blurb to format My Story and the photos I want to share.  It’s not cheap, especially since I was going to have 30 copies printed for approximately $900.  However, one could have a few printed and allow any family member or friend order and pay for his own copy.  If you have a really hot biography, the publishers will try to sell your story and share the profits. 

  I will add to this blog as I progress in my experimenting with both publishers.

Dick Griffin


New Self Publishing Information

April 24, 2008

Check out the new self publishing page by Dick Griffin.  Dick is our new webmaster and is our point person for putting your story all together.  If you have questions or ideas, let us know.