On-Line Publishing

Recently I was made aware of two on-line publishing sites, which were recommended by my niece and husband.  They have printed a book of their photos taken on a tour of Italy with their children.  Really a beautiful legacy.  He has also published a book of poetry, complete with  LOC number and copywrite info.  They used Blurb and Lulu Websites which provide templates to organize and format your input, providing a finished product from which you can order copies.  Prices vary according to dimnsions of the book, number of pages and binding.

I am currently experiementing with Blurb to format My Story and the photos I want to share.  It’s not cheap, especially since I was going to have 30 copies printed for approximately $900.  However, one could have a few printed and allow any family member or friend order and pay for his own copy.  If you have a really hot biography, the publishers will try to sell your story and share the profits. 

  I will add to this blog as I progress in my experimenting with both publishers.

Dick Griffin

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