Life Story/Social History Books to Read

life-story-books.jpgBirren, James E. and Feldman, Linda, Where to Go From Here – Discovering Your Own Life’s Wisdom in the Second Half of Your Life. Simon and Schuster, Inc. New York 1997

DeSalvo, Louise, Writing as a Way of Healing – How Telling our Stories Transforms Our Lives. Beacon Press, Boston 1999

Gillon, Steve, Boomer Nation. Free Press, New York 2004

Greene, Bob, Be True to Your School. John Deadline Ent. 1987
Chevrolet Summers. Dairy Queen Nights. John deadline Ent. 1997

Horowitz, Daniel, American Social Classes in the 1950’s. Selections from Vance Packard’s Status Seekers. St. Martin’s Press, Boston 1995

Lustbader, Wendy, What’s Worth Knowing, Jeremy Tarcher, New York 2001

Schachter-Shalomi, Zalman and Miller, Ronald D., From Age-ing to Sage-ing–A Profound New Vision of Growing Older. Warner Books, New York 1995

Stanek, Lou Willett , Writing Your Life – Putting your past on paper. Avon Books, New York. 1996

Terkel, Studs, Coming of Age. New Press, New York, 1995
The Good War. Pantheon, New York 1984
Hard Times. Pantheon, New York 1970

Thomas, Frank B., How to Write the Story of Your Life. Writer’s Digest Books, Cincinnati, OH. 1986

Walker, Nancy A.,ED. Women’s Magazines 1940-1960. St. Martin’s Press, Boston 1998

Wakefield, Dan, Writing the Story of Your Life – Writing a Spiritual Autobiography. Beacon Press, Boston 1990


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